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Grey Gardens Wines brings you the best of Long Island, New York’s famed, and underrated, seaside vineyards.

Grey Gardens Wines was founded in 2016 by the Bouvier Beale family of East Hampton, New York to honor Big and Little Edie Beale and their beloved Grey Gardens.


Bouvier Beale, the Blend Master of Grey Gardens Wines, was one of the first serious fine wine distributors in the country to visit the vineyards of Long Island in the 1970’s. Since then he's seen a great future for Long Island wines, even when the early doubters said they couldn't compete with French wines. He vowed to one day offer the public limited production, high quality, hand crafted, European style wines from Long Island, and this first release of Grey Gardens Rosé is only the beginning. We hope you enjoy.

Oceans of happiness,

The Beales

Looking for more Grey Gardens? Head to our sister site, Grey Gardens Official, and discover the legacy brand for all things Grey Gardens and Little Edie.

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